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spanish program

The Spanish program teaches basic vocabulary with games, songs, stories, and dramatic play. Spanish classes enable students to interactively learn Spanish. Our curriculum,Muzzy, is a multimedia based language program that is designed as a comprehensive core study program. The Muzzy series encourages students to develop language skills through exploration, practice, and play. Resources include materials that focus attention of specific language skills, language practice skills, vocabulary builders, word pronunciation, and development of academic skills (such as sequencing and figure/ground perception) and language learning enhancement in the classroom. Most importantly, students develop motivation and a positive attitude toward learning a new language.

physical education

Physical Education focuses on kinesthetic awareness, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and physical fitness.

Our physical education curriculum includes age-appropriate activities geared to develop physical fitness, musical ability, creativity, and teamwork.

Our preschoolers enjoy a less structured mixture of gross motor or large muscle development and creative movement. The elementary students learn about muscles, movement, fitness, nutrition, and teamwork as well as dance exploration, rhythms, and organizational games that foster motor development.

special events & field trips

Each year we incorporate a variety of enlightening and entertaining events into the educational process. Various activities encourage family participation and create an atmosphere that promotes habits for healthy social participation. The seasons and holidays are memorable experiences with traditions such as the annual Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Musical, and Easter Egg Hunt.

Field Trips provide an educational experience both socially and academically. Guest speakers and local artists connect the community to our school. Students increase their literacy while enjoying the artistry of a puppet show, and trips to the local theater give the children an opportunity to have fun learning through music. Special events at The Woods integrate the arts into the learning process.


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